Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Conservatives come out swinging against Disney

Over the years Disney has acted like a family values company on its face while issuing gross subliminal messages to children.  During the rise of the liberal years, many called out these transgressions individually but the truth of the depth of Disney's anti-family depravity never really registered with the herd.   After all, a full stomach makes for a happy cow.  It's only recently that videos such as this are getting large Youtube view counts.

Things are now turning chaotic/volatile and many people are losing hope. As a result, they are questioning the status quo to a degree that I have not seen in a long time.  Additionally, instead of sitting back and saying little as everything is liberalized, we are now beginning to see a conservative message being sent: "we won't stand for this crap anymore".

The latest evidence of this is in an email I received today.  The full body of it is below but the bottom line is that conservative groups are now beginning to call total bullshit on the shenanigans of Disney and other liberal/progressive outfits. 


Be aware: highly disturbing disclosures follow.

Dear Newsmax Reader, 
     Remember when "Disney" meant "safe" - if Disney made a film, it would be o.k. for your kids or grandkids to watch?
     The Real O'Neals ends all that! Alarming!
     And it is up to you and me to protest this brutal attack on our Catholic Faith.
     If you are in a hurry, then please just click here now to send a message - loud and clear - to the president of Disney/ABC Television Group that The Real O'Neals is an insult to every Catholic worthy of the name.
     But if you do have a moment, and want to learn just what it is that makes The Real O'Neals so disgusting, then read on:
     Read the facts as they have been reported. You'll understand what this evil program is trying to do to the Catholic Faith. Then please join our petition.
  • The two brothers of this "Catholic" family are shown watching pornographic films on a laptop.
  • The viewing of hard-core films in this "Catholic" household is made to appear normal and acceptable.
  • The "Catholic" mother encourages her 16-year-old son, who is experiencing gender conflictions, to get physical with a girl.
  • Jesus "appears" to this same boy and confides to him that the "strict guidelines" of the mother annoy Him (Jesus).
  • The daughter uses her project in a science fair to try to prove that there is no God.
  • The story-line is written so that this daughter misses Mass, doubts God without sincerely seeking answers, and shows blatant disrespect towards her Pastor. The pastor is shown to be unable to answer her questions and is "backed into a corner."
  • Almost every scene is filled with sexual innuendos, implications, or mockery of faith - i.e., Catholicism.

     Now do you see why we have to oppose this horrific programming? And these were not the worst examples; I just didn't have the heart to print up the rest.
     While decent Catholics strive every day to make sense of the crazy world we live in, Disney/ABC is mocking the Faith we hold dear. It is not right, and we need to tell them so!
     Someone struggling against pornography, same-sex attraction, divorce or doubting their faith could possibly watch this program - which Disney/ABC promotes as "just your typical, all-American, Catholic, divorcing, disgraced, law breaking, gay family" - and their struggle would be more difficult. They would feel more alone than ever, perhaps fall into despair, and just follow the culture like those around them.
     I feel obliged before God to relate what Disney/ABC is airing. It is nothing less than a mockery of Catholicism.
     Here's the good news:
     God has set before us His own Holy Family as the model of Catholic Family virtue. You and I have this model and thank God that we do.
     But "to whom much is given much will be expected." We have been given much, therefore it is up to us to do much!
     Sign our petition now and let the president of Disney/ABC know that The Real O'Neals DO NOT represent true Catholics.
     And we do not appreciate them mocking what we hold dear - the precious gifts of Faith and Family.
     My own good parents reared 7 children in the Faith, and struggled mightily to have the family mirror the precept of doing good and avoiding evil according to Catholic doctrine; especially to practice holy humility and purity following the example of Mary, most holy.
     I personally know hundreds of Catholic families. Not one of which even faintly resembles The Real O'Neals - thank God!
     Please join me in protesting this horrible show and please tell Disney/ABC:
     ENOUGH! The Real O'Neals Brutally MOCKS Catholic Families and that is just NOT right!

In Jesus and Mary,

Robert E. Ritchie

Robert E. Ritchie
America Needs Fatima

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