Saturday, September 10, 2016

Is this going to start the 911 dominos falling?

I am on record many times for many years saying that one major sign that the debt Ponzi is going bust will be when we get some major truths told about 911 and big names are implicated.  Recently I reported on a bill that was in process which would allow Americans to sue Saudis if they were involved in the attacks.  Recently this bill moved forward with passage by the House.

Many people don't understand the important of this so I'll tell it.  The main reason that 911 was allowed to be covered up was that there was more money in doing that than in doing what was right.  The Saudi's have been enjoying diplomatic protection against their part in 911 because they are rich and they bribe US officials.  But the passage of this bill suggests that at least some politicians now think there will be more profit had, at least to themselves personally, by allowing such lawsuits to take place.

What this bill really does is to send a signal to all American ambulance chasing lawyers that there is now a deep pocket target to go after in the name of justice (like they care about that...) and profit making.  You might as well throw a bleeding man into a shark tank.  And awards?  There simply is no limit.  That's how pissed Americans have finally become about the 911 scam.  Anyone who even looks faintly guilty will be attacked viciously by the herd.

So this is where the scary part begins for US oligarchs.  The diplomatic protections that the Saudis were promised are now being dropped.  They have to fear what is happening because anyone caught being connected to 911 will be branded an international criminal and will likely receive the death penalty if convicted.  And the people want to see heads roll.

So when will some Saudi guy who fears he will be made into cannon fodder come forward and inform on the American criminal treasonous bastards in government and military who supported the 911 collapse?  Do we really think the Saudis did this by themselves without having inside support? No way.

Nobody knows when the web of lies will unravel but folks, it is coming.

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