Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Corrupt Wells Fargo is in big trouble

When it was recently revealed that Wells Fargo was making profit the old fashioned way (i.e. by stealing it from its unsuspecting customers who were being nickel and dimed each month via fees charged on fraudulently opened accounts in their name), Yellen said nothing. 

But the people finally began to realize that conspiracies are real and they began to realize that the conspiracy nuts are actually not crazy at all.  Think about it.  Could this have been done by one person?  No, certainly not.  It was widespread practice and the management, who would likely know where their revenues come from, gladly pocketed the associated increase in "services" profits associated with this fraud.  That makes it a bona fide conspiracy, agree?  In fact, it was one that crossed state lines.  This was a RICO level conspiracy.

And so the uninformed, lazy people of the herd finally started to realize just how corrupt our banking system is and now they are insulted by it.  Importantly, while the profits to Wells Fargo were significant because of the widespread nature of the crime, the per person fees weren't really enough to notice each month.  In this way, Wells Fargo really didn't hurt any individuals financially.  Had this not been the case they never would have gotten away with it for so long. 

So all of this sudden uproar is not about individual finance loss.  Nope.  It's about hurt pride.  The liberal sheeple blindly trusted the banks and the banks dutifully bent them over a log for their misplaced trust.  That is what the liberal population is upset about - the lie which made fools of them. The per person money wasn't worth getting mad over in and of itself.

With their pride hurt, liberals are a dangerous breed and so in response this face slap they have turned to congress for redress.  They have squeezed the useless bastards in congress and so congress in turn is squeezing Yellen like the zit she is.  And so now finally she has no choice but to squeeze the banks.

Yes, now Janet Yellen, our great economic protector, is suddenly interested in justice and fairness.  What a disingenuous, worthless piece of shit she is.

Oh yeah, let's not forget: there goes another hatchet blow to Warren Buffett's reputation.  Chop, chop, chop.

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