Sunday, September 11, 2016

The conservative wave delivers gut punch to the porn industry.

In late 2015 I postulated that the porn industry was about to experience major setback due to the arrival of a new conservative wave.  Today we see sex symbol Pam Anderson coming out in full attack on the porn industry, correctly saying that it is bad for men (and ultimately bad for the institution of family):

"We're not here to moralize or judge people on porn viewing," they told us. "We're rather saying that when porn becomes a replacement for real, live, sexual interactions between loving adults, we're all in trouble. When the impersonal nature of porn supplants the passion and intimacy of real lovemaking, then we've lost the ability to connect. And the growing addiction to porn is creating a level of sexual desensitization that requires a national conversation. Porn is teaching men to view women as caricatures who are all cover and no book, all form and no substance. Both men and women deserve better."

Well of course she is right.  But, like generals and captains of business who wait until after their retirements to tell the truth about what they have been doing, Anderson's sex symbol days are pretty much over for anyone under 50 years of age.  So she is trying to remain relevant as she wanes.  At least you have to give her credit for seeing that such talk would still be considered controversial while at the same time making heads nod.  This good timing can position her for years to come as someone who cares about American conservative values when in fact she is simple taking up a new marketing campaign for herself.

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