Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Terence Crutcher shooting shows that black lives still don't matter for shit.

In what looks a lot like a formal execution, Tulsa police shot an unarmed man named Terence Crutcher to death next to his car.  Mr. Crutcher did not look like any kind of threat.

Once again, the dead man is black.
Once again, the video is "disturbing".
Once again it looks like the offending cop went into inhuman robot mode and decided to use lethal force when many other options would have done much better.

How many times will the people who are affected by these killings let this happen before they take care of business?

Let me be clear: rioting in the streets is fucking stupid.  It just portrays the black community as a bunch of hoodlums looking for an excuse to break glass and steal appliances.  Importantly, street riots do nothing except underscore the need for more cops!  Street riots are good for the police!  They love these violent encounters and it racks up lots of overtime.

Even more importantly, street riots DO NOT hold the guilty party responsible!  If the black community EVER wants to send the proper message there is only one way to do it: hold the individual police officers involved accountable PERSONALLY.  Do not allow them to hide behind their shield.  Sue the living crap out of them for wrongful death at the very least.  And of course the family members of the departed should consider what it means to be family.  How can someone get away with something like this against your family?  With family that sits around and accepts the apologies of politicians instead of taking real action, who needs family?

If you want to wait to see if the legal system will put the murderer in jail before you take more action on your own then I can see that for some people (although for me personally I would go a different way).  But if all they do is fire the bastard and you let it go at that then, well, you sorta deserve what you have been getting, don't you?  I guarantee if the cops killed my blood that there would be specific retribution to the cops involved, PERIOD.  If they don't believe me then they should test me on this.  You know why?  Because the lives of my family actually DO matter.

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