Thursday, September 15, 2016

Look at the unprecedented self destruction of the elite

Wow, things are happening the likes of which I have not seen before.  Remember when it was Dem and GOP working together to screw the people over (pissing at each other in public and then having a laugh about it afterward at the bar like it was a con man convention)?

 Back then you never really saw anyone doing any real attacks.  Back then the attacks were mainly showmanship like professional wrestling.  But, like pro wrestling, there is always the chance that someone won't pull a punch and then real damage can be done.  The Clinton camp is now in desperation mode because of all the leaks against Hillary coupled with her well documented, ridiculously serious medical problems.  As a result they are now publicly saying they will pay for leaked dirt on Trump.

Before you know it our politicians are going to lose their slick outward facade.  I tell you this is an easy prediction: there will be serious fist fights on the congressional floor over the next couple years.  But I also want to remind you WHY it is happening so that you are not fooled into believing it is random.

As I stated many times over the years, the entire political system is now an organized crime ring which is supported by the expansion of credit.  This is only possible with a fake, fractionally reserved money supply.  I always said that a CLEAR sign of the end game would be when the politicos go at each other for real and begin throwing REAL skeletons down out of the closets leading to REAL criminal charges and even jail time for big names (first in corporate American and then in the ranks of our longest term leeches, err, I means senators).  Why will this happen?  Because as their energy source (easy credit) dries up, their ability to buy loyalty from people who essentially despise them wanes.  At some point the paid lackeys just don't think it is worth doing business anymore.  The heads ask for more tribute from the capos below them but with a dwindling energy source come diminished income for the crooks.  Look at how the Clintons have to distance themselves from the foundation which has funneled so much money to them and to those who they need to buy off in order to retain power.

All of this is happening because the credit supply has stopped its expansion.   At some point it will have to begin a contraction.  No Ponzi scheme ever went on forever and no it won't be different this time.

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