Sunday, September 18, 2016

More evidence that it could soon be raining skeletons for the American Elite.

People often ask me why I think that our politicians are so corrupt. After all, sure there are some visible cases of corruption but for the most part it all looks on the up and up to the people talking to me about this.  Their weakness is that they don't think others could stoop so low simply because they in their own experience have not had to do so.

Having money, it turns out, allows for a high level of personal morality.  After all, who needs to steal if they are never in want??  It is a huge mistake to underestimate the range of actions capable by others simply because you cannot see yourself doing these things.  If you have never done much of anything wrong then there is either a good chance that you have never been in serious need OR you have little ambition.

Ambitious people do not need to experience shortages before they want more.  Their appetites for acquisition are insatiable.  Recently, Colon Powell has admitted to authoring an email where he privately characterized his true opinion of Hillary Clinton as being "a 70-year-old person with a long track record, unbridled ambition, greedy, not transformational...".

Hillary Clinton is simply blinded by ambition and greed.  She knows no bounds and will do whatever she thinks she can get away with.  Period.  Bill is just as corrupt.  I was recently sent another link by reader Augustine in which an ex high ranking politico of Haiti accused the Clinton Foundation of taking in huge amounts of donations for earthquake relief of the country and then keeping 98% of the collections for itself and passing 2% through.  You can watch the vid here in which he makes this claim to Trump in public and then requests Trump do an audit of the Clinton Foundation in this matter.  For fun, he also throws in a tidbit about drug money being used to fund election campaigns at the end.

I'm sure this guy is a credible treasure trove of dirt but it is still early enough in the Ponzi collapse that he probably won't be listened to.  What I mean to say is that some will hear and believe him but probably not enough to create that critical mass wherein those who know what is going on but are afraid of societal blowback for speaking out finally decide to stand up and do the right thing as a group such that no one man has to take all the risk.

In other words, I see the herd gathering itself for the battle at Kruger and I see the herd has stopped running away from the snarling lions but we are not yet at the stage where the angry mob has surrounded the elite with bad intentions in mind.  It's coming though, folks.  It is coming.  Look at the recent rise in domestic terrorism.  Several bombings in NY and NJ of late.  Maybe it is all false flag and maybe some of it is real domestic terrorism but I think before long it becomes a much bigger problem than anyone would have thought possible because we are in fact working our way toward a Gerald Celente moment where those who have lost everything and feel they have nothing more to lose will decide, en masse, to lose it.

As far as my long standing prediction that it will begin raining skeletons for the elite as a sign that their influence is collapsing, well, stay tuned because we are well on track for this prediction, which sounded sooooooo crazy and conspiratorial at the time, to become spot on correct.

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