Saturday, September 17, 2016

Deutsche Bank chief eCONomist: "Europe is extremely sick"

Despite literally years of assurances that all problems have been solved by massive, united central bank efforts, DeutscheBank chief economist now publicly says that Europe is extremely sick.  These guys are like barking dogs: if they are barking then they are not biting.  But barking often precedes the bite so I would not just ignore these kinds of statements coming from people who it profits nothing to make them. 

RT quotes the chief economist as saying, Europe is extremely sick and must start dealing with its problems extremely quickly, or else there may be an accident. I’m no doomsday prophet, I am a realist,

To that I can only laugh and have another bite of popcorn and sip of soda because what in the flying fuck does this asshat think can be done about it?  Yet another bailout of the rich??  FUCK THEM!!

Each time the rich are bailed out the wealth divide gets larger.  What part of this is difficult to understand??  The system is corrupt and bankrupt! 


All of these "fixes"simply kick the can down the road and, like any addict, the fixes have to get larger and larger in order to avoid pain. 

Well pain is coming no matter what.  As I have written many times, we ain't seen bad yet, but its coming.  The only question is when and how bad.  Stop right now and pull the fucking band aid off!  Stop right now and sweep away your corrupt bankers and politicians!  Stop hoping they can fix this because folks it is completely not fixable except to tear it down and replace dishonest and corrupt mammon money with honest money.  Nothing else is the solution, this is the only thing that matters.  I did not just come up with this; I have been saying the exact same thing without even a hairsbreadth wiggle for a long time now. The problem is that they are running a debt Ponzi whose fuel source is fake money.

Now that we have stupidly played along for so many years, there is no pain-free way to undo this!  But neither must it be the end of the world for the common man UNLESS WE ALLOW THE ELITE TO TRICK US INTO WARS whose only purpose is so they can retain their completely undeserved seats of power.

I say again, they can bellow all they want but they do not control you people, we people or those people.  They can only suggest and threaten and spook us into following them into Hell! They require us to be stupid enough to do it or their worlds come crashing down while the lot of the common man goes up.  Don't listen to their lies!  Yes, there will be turmoil and not it will not be easy but the collapse should be over in 2 years time and then you can get back to a nice growth pace again UNLESS THERE IS WAR.

Do not allow these bastards to take us to war!  If they try, DECLARE WAR UPON THEM!  Period.

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