Thursday, September 22, 2016

Obama laundered the money he paid to Iran

In today's installment showing how the elite are now infighting in order to gain favor of the herd in a a declining environment of prosperity in what I am calling the escalating "tattle battle", a house intelligence committee member has publicly accused Obama of money laundering in his attempt to quietly funnel money to his Muslim buddies in Iran in exchange for prisoner release that would play well politically for the dems.  I don't care about the story itself.  I am not shocked or dismayed by anything the politicos do anymore and I mean nothing at all that comes out to be found true will shock me.  Not theft, drug running, violence, murder, poisoning the population.  Nothing. I put nothing past them because they have been running without any oversight.

But now I see that beginning to change.  In the past, politicians did whatever they wanted to and didn't care what the people thought because there was expanding prosperity abounding due to the artificially growing money supply (the credit portion of it, at least).  But now that the sleepy sheeple public is beginning to wake up, government is trying to be more careful, trying to kiss up to the people in order to stop the people from goring them.

It likely won't work.  It takes a lot to get the idiot population excited and once excited it tends to want to send a message before calming down again.  Someone will do something and the herd will take it badly and out will come the horns.

We ain't seen bad yet, but its coming.

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