Thursday, September 29, 2016

Donald vs. Hillary

I didn't have time to watch the first US presidential debate in real time but I got a chance to do so just now and wanted to make the common sense comments that so few online are making.  The ridiculous emotionalism surrounding the presidential elections simply blinds people to the basic facts.  As I see them they are:

- Donald Trump is likely the worst presidential orator in history, even besting Bush 2 in this regard.  It is painful to hear him stumble through his thoughts aloud.  He talks in circles and uses circular arguments.  His big convincing blow (his Trump card if you will) in any debate is "just ask  (someone you don't know and could never ask anything of), he'll tell you".  Trump is an opportunist and a con man who hides behind corrupt laws in order to tilt the scales in his favor.  Trump's art of making a deal is the good old fashioned win lose-deal of the elite.  People mean nothing to him.  His repetition and yelling and other dictatorial behaviors annoy the living crap out of me.  The only positive thing you can say about him is that he is a crappy liar.  He is very poor at disguising his many faults.  This is one of his few positives but it is an important one.

- Hillary Trump is a snake and has mastered the fine elitist arts of deceit and sophistry.  Her arguments in the debate were far better presented than anything Trump said but any person above 100 IQ can see that its all half truths, lies and omissions.  Hillary is living, breathing definition of the word duplicitous.   Whereas Trump's voice gives me a headache, Clinton's smarmy voice makes me feel nauseous.  Whereas Trump will attack the people with his brand of a frontal assault, Hillary Clinton will steal into your children's rooms at night and smother them quietly in their beds.  Figuratively speaking of course; Hillary is too weak to strangle anyone herself.  But if you cross her then one of her paid thugs will be calling on you soon.  Clinton actually thinks she owns people.  She is as much a dictator wannabe as Trump is but she sells it softer.  Clinton cannot be trusted in any form or fashion.  Whereas Trump is a slick con man businessman, Clinton has never worked an honest day in her life.  She is a parasite of the worst kind and of the highest order.

Overall, I cannot recall a time when the two most likely options for president were both this bad.  Neither of them are conservative.  So it comes down to who will do the least amount of damage.  It is a tough call to choose between them because the damage inflicted by either of them will be similar in magnitude but different in focus.  But for me Trump is the lesser of two evils simply because it will be easier to see him coming whereas Hillary will gut us by degree, quietly and without debate.  The socialism that Obama has pushed forward would go into high gear under queen Hillary.  I believe that the odds of being pushed too far are higher under her dictatorship than under Trump's.

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