Thursday, September 22, 2016

Murderous cop in Tulsa gets slapped with manslaughter charge

OK, so there is a pecking order in every herd. This is known fact.  In the human herd it's the white man and then the white woman and then everyone else.  At least right now.  Perhaps if we default on the debt we owe China they will cut off our flow of goods and then when the dust settles it will be Chinese man and then Chinese woman and then everyone else.  But for now, let's just call it as it is.

The BBC reports today that the cop involved has been charged with manslaughter.  Because the murderer this time happens to not be a white man (like it usually is), you can bet that she will go to jail.  Whether there were extenuating circumstances or not doesn't matter because the people are chanting for blood and blood they will get.  If she gets off then we could see a lot more than a few window-busting-appliance-stealing-riots take place.  The herd is in a very different place than it has been for decades.  The apathy has gone.  The herd wants revenge AKA justice.  I bet the cops become a lot more careful about just drawing their gun and firing after this woman goes to jail.

She should go to jail for manslaughter and then have the family of the deceased meet her on the street when she is released.

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