Thursday, September 22, 2016

Hillary's IT guy found in contempt of congress.

After agreeing to an immunity deal in exchange for testimony, Hillary's IT guy, Bryan Pagliano, has now missed two scheduled congressional subpoenas according to this article.

Well hmmm.  A congressional subpoena is not a small thing.  You piss off congress and the weight of the US government can fall upon you.  So why, after agreeing to a deal for immunity, is Mr. Pagliano not following through?

One can only guess that he is more afraid of that murderous bitch Hillary than he is of the US government.  After all, the government has to play by at least some rules and Hillary has shown time and again that she plays by none.

Of course, there is another possibility.  Perhaps Mr Pagliano has had an unfortunate accident like so many others that were slated to tattle on the Clintons.  Big and I mean BIG money is at stake here.  Big names.  Big reputations that go far beyond the Criminal Clintons.  They are like the bag men for the mob.  They are not running the show.  One day this will become clear to everyone.  But back to the point, perhaps someone should go check on the wellbeing of Pagliano. There is a nonzero chance that he is face down in a shallow grave right now for threatening to testify against Clinton.

I'm looking around at the face of democrats I know and they are very sad.  Many of them are finally admitting that Hillary fooled them and that she is in fact a dangerous criminal.  I think Trump is an asshole too and perhaps just as dangerous as Hillary but his chances of winning are increasing IMO simply by the reaction I am seeing from my dem friends.  They also now understand and believe that she is a very sick woman being propped up and literally puppeted into office by a larger system.  The Hillary they used to adore is gone.


Augustine said...

The Hillary that some of your friends used to adore is still there. The scales on their eyes are what's gone.

The Captain said...

Well said.

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