Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Snowden floats the idea of a presidential pardon for himself.

I am on record as saying that the liberal assholes who Snowden blew the whistle on wanted to put a bullet in his head but as early as 2013 I floated the idea that he could instead eventually receive a hero's welcome back home.

And so now Snowden is suggesting pretty much exactly that.  After years of exile, he is now proclaiming his desire to receive a presidential pardon.  He will never get one from Obama because Snowden made Obama and his cronies look like the criminal assholes that they are.  But Obama is a lame duck and what really matters is the next president.

I suggest that no matter who wins, Snowden wins.  In the case of Trump I bet Snowden gets a pardon within 6 months of the election win. In the case of Hillary, I bet the queen bitch also decriminalizes him somehow.  Perhaps not as blatantly as in a pardon but certainly removes all resources from his capture and perhaps even tells the people he will not be brought up on charges (which is far different than a full mea culpa pardon politically speaking).

Either way, Snowden will be on liberal shows like Oprah within 9 months of the close of the election and his speeches will be in high demand.  It would surprise me zero to see him go into politics and become as much as a Senator.

I know, I know, it all sounds like fantasy just like so many of my other predictions.  But they are model based and so the odds of them coming true are a good deal higher than currently meets the eye.  I give the above prediction 75% chance of happening and will bump it to 95% if Trump gets the nod.

By the way, if Hillary is elected and if (before she dies of natural causes that is) she does decriminalize Snowden as I have suggested, it will not be because she has changed her mind about him or because she hates him any less for what he did to her side.  It will simply be an intelligent political move; a head nod to the growing conservative mood of the herd.  Period.  If she could quietly kill him with her own hands I'm sure she would not hesitate to pull the trigger.

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