Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Conservative Virginia newspaper recognizes that Trump is a liberal.

More and more people are waking up to the liberal scam which is the two party inbred election system of the US.  These are things I predicted would happen as part and parcel of the new conservative wave sweeping the US and the world.  In today's evidence point we see the Richmond Times-Dispatch endorsing the only real conservative candidate in the race (Gary Johnson) instead of the GOP backed guy (Trump).  This move breaks with 36 years of history of them just following the party line.  These kinds of revolts are exactly what we should expect to see as the debt driven liberal government structure of the US begins to collapse under its own corrupt weight.

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Augustine said...

To call Gary (Carbon Tax) Johnson, along with the Beltway apparatchik Bill Weld, conservative is a bit of a stretch. The fact of the matter is that unless a politician is running for office to dismantle the state from inside, he's no conservative at all.

In a strange way, if the Donald truly pulls out of NATO and closes military bases around the world, this alone would make him the most conservative president in generations. Certainly more so than Johnson has demonstrated so far.

I don't have any dog in this race, thankfully.

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