Friday, September 23, 2016

Insane video of yet another murder done by police.

My heart goes out to this black woman for having to watch as the murderous cops gunned down her husband, Keith Scott, right in front of her despite the fact that she was standing there telling them that he had no gun and that he had a medical condition.  The video is chilling.  It shows the usual police tactic that if they do not get full and immediate compliance to their every demand (as if they are our masters), that all of them empty their clips.  There should be a lead cop in these situations who must be counted on to take the shot, ONE FUCKING SHOT, IFF needed.  It is RIDICULOUS that 4-6 cops need to line up side by side like a firing squad and then all of them empty their clips on command.  Does it really take that much force to subdue a person??  NO!  But the cops have been taught that dead men cannot be in court getting potential sympathy from a jury and so once a single shot is fired that all of them need to unload into the dead body in order to make damned sure there is no witness.

The cops who did this should all be tried for first degree premeditated murder.  Failing that, the family of the deceased should take this act as first blood drawn against them by an armed enemy and then do what they need to do in order to extract justice from a system which has proved time and again that there is no justice for anyone except the rich and powerful. 

One of these days that is exactly what is going to happen and until that message is sent to the cops -the message that eye for eye is in play- black lives will continue to not matter one little bit.

Right now it seems like the herd is going to put up with this shit forever.  It happens time and again in exactly the same way and much of it is being documented with clear video.  At some point the water buffalo will form an organized attack instead of rioting randomly and causing loss to people who were in no way involved.  When that day comes, many police are going to be left face down in the street.  Right now I look at the black families who are getting gunned down and say, "sorry but you sort of deserve it for allowing to happen".  Likewise, when its the cops turn to bleed I will be saying, "did you really think you could get away with this crap forever"?  I don't want bad things to happen to either side but the cops are begging for a battle at Kruger and one day it will arrive with unexpected swiftness and severity.  That's just the way the herd rolls.

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