Sunday, September 18, 2016

When will people realize that the police cannot save them from what is coming?

I've been writing for along time that things are going to get a lot worse in the US as the economic Ponzi proceeds into the collapse stage.  One of my main points is that the police are of little to no use to the common man and it is the idiot alone who trusts the police for their safety. 

Police are not going to be able to be there when you need them.  And calling them risks them shooting you when they arrive.  Fuck the police. Arm yourself and then make the bad guys fear you because they damned sure don't fear the cops anymore.

Nowhere has this been more true than in a central Minnesota mall very recently wherein a crazy fuck who has been claimed as a "soldier of the Islamic state" stabbed multiple people before being shot dead by an off duty cop.

An off duty cop is actually just an armed citizen. Where were the real "on duty" cops?  How long would it have taken them to respond to this?  How many more would have been stabbed or killed had not there luckily been a person on site during the course of living his life who just happened to be armed and proficient?

There is no reason for people to be putting up with this crap.  Carry your gun and if someone tries to hurt you or your family then step up to your responsibility of self protection.  Don't be more afraid of the self serving legal system than you are of losing your life to a crazy because more and more crazies are going to appear in society as all the social safety nets collapse, as borders are left open, as budgets for mental institutions and prisons collapse.

Get a gun, learn how to use it safely and carry it with you in public.  That's the truly American thing to do.

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