Wednesday, September 21, 2016

DOT embraces self driving cars.

Mish has been following self driving cars and he has been right about them coming sooner rather than later. Today he reports that DOT is embracing the new tech.  I knew this would happen as well but for different reasons than Mish.

If you read Mishes article he cut and pastes a few lines from a DOT talking head talking about the high human error factor in car crashes and how the tech is inevitable anyway so they might just as well embrace it.  I of course have never heard so much horse shit come from a bureaucrat in all my life.   Anyone who thinks that the DOT gives two flying fucks about them, efficiency, safety or any other thing that is good for the people is a complete fool.  The DOT cares about being employed, period.  When times are good and nobody is questioning big government then you can expect them to act like they are in charge, putting up bureaucratic road blocks at every turn in order to flex their muscles and show everyone how powerful they are.  But when times are tough and the people are waking up to the ills of big government then by cracky those DOT people sure are upbeat and helpful!

I have a lot of very smart friends who told me that they expected a bunch of bureaucratic headaches with respect to the expansion of self driving cars.  I told them they were wrong because they were stuck in the past when rising credit enabled easy expansion of useless bureaucrats.  But not no more!  nowadays governments are quietly downsizing and changing policies to be more in line with the shitty economy because they realize that if they don't then the people will do it for them and if that happens then the damage will be worse than if they just do it themselves.

It won't be very long until the concept of government pension comes under serious attack as hard working voters who don't get no stinking pension will begin to realize what a bunch of complete idiots they have been for allowing a special class of people to receive lifetime payments in their old age paid for by the slave working class (either by taxes or by the accumulation of debt).

I know that when certain people read things like this they just say "oh another anti government nut" but the facts are clear: when the economy is moving fast and inflation is threatening government's ability to stay in control then we get a big drive to arrive alive @ 55 campaign.  It was a big fucking bunch of bureaucratic bullshit.  Today I will drive home from the airport on I130 in Austin (I'm just returning from a business trip).  The speed limit is 85mph in some places.  Eighty Five.  As in light aircraft cruising speed.  WTF happened to drive and arrive alive?  That bullshit got flushed and now the anti-deflationary policies are "do whatever you want as long as you pay the freaking toll".

It's all about money and power folks, which is why big government is going to get smaller and less intrusive as the debt Ponzi collapse expands in the coming years.  What used to be a bunch of flaming assholes in government are actually going to begin acting like the friend of the people.

NOT because they want to but rather because they can see the writing on the wall.

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