Sunday, September 11, 2016

Hillary is in real trouble medically

I don't like Hillary as a person or as a future dear leader.  I make no bones about that nor do I apologize for seeing it that way.  But neither do I see value in Trump.  He's as much a liberal ass as Hillary is.  So I have tried not to waste everyone's time by repeating the obvious too many times.

However, some things are real news IMO.  No, I'm not talking about Trump's constant insertion of foot into mouth.  I'm talking about Hillary's obvious medical condition(s).  I've seen several videos on Youtube now of Hillary breaking down physically and mentally.

In this video, something is going on in her head that is very wrong.  She is not afraid as the vid suggests but rather disoriented.  She looks drugged up or even MKUltraed.  I'm not trying to be funny here, something is very wrong with her.  Look at her recovery.  "We'll keep talking" comes out her mouth just as the agent whispered in her ear.  At that very point in time, a once very smart lady is completely empty headed, like a puppet.

In another vid I watched recently (can't find the link!) Hillary collapses on stage and the cameraman is immediately surrounded by people intentionally blocking the view and then you can hear people in the background calling for the lights to be lowered.  I do not believe this was being done to inhibit video but rather because the staff knows that bright lights bring on these attacks.

The sad and pathetic marching of Hillary to the throne continued today 9/11/2016 as she supposedly felt heat exhaustion and had to leave a memorial ceremony.  In the vid you can clearly see a strong woman holding Hillary up by one arm as they wait for transport to arrive.  Hillary is obviously in distress standing there as her knees buckle a few times for the cameras.  As a result, two other people rush in to help her make it 5 feet to the waiting van and she nearly collapses to the pavement anyway.  The usual crowd of sycophants surrounds her to block camera view.

Someone is marching this old lady into the throne knowing she will likely become gravely ill or even die shortly after taking office.  I tell you here and now, Hillary is no longer the story.  The real story is what nobody is talking about - Hillary's running mate, Tim Kaine.  According to WaPo (a liberal rag and admittedly a poor source of real info) Kaine seems more conservative than both Hillary and Trump combined:
  • Christian/Catholic pro life
  • "Nice guy" reputation
  • Plays in a folk music band
Is this how we end up stepping again toward conservatism in government even in a Hillary victory??  At the start of the year I stated that my models predicted that the conservative wave should see Hillary losing this race.  This was before Trump was even established as a serious candidate.  What greater loss than to win the race only to then be removed from office due to medical conditions or even a sudden death?

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