Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Corrupt two political party system is headed for collapse

Our corrupt political party system pretty much insists that you either side with fake "people politicians" (i.e. dems) or fake "business politicians) (GOPs).  If you are a real candidate for the good of the people, like Ron Paul, the odds are stacked against you in an impossible way.  It's been this way for many decades.  But the new true conservative wave sweeping our country will soon change that and as I have been writing for some time, the signs will be that money and power no longer sway the backers of these parties.  Members of the herd begin to show true leadership by rejecting the status quo.  If enough prominent members of the herd do this, the rest of the herd finally begins to pay attention and that is always the beginning of the end for the existing con men.

Today's proof point that this is happening comes in the form of Cornell College Republicans stating their desire to not follow liberal Trump even though he is the GOP nominee.  They knew there would be political consequences but they did it anyway.  In this case they were decertified which I guess is like being excommunicated from the Catholic church.  So this is how you know that something big is brewing: people stop caring about the historical motivational factors (i.e. political power, money, being part of an elite group, etc.) and begin doing the right thing.  This is so important because if you cannot control people with bribes or threats then they begin to self organize in a different direction and the LAST people you want doing this is academia.  These people are smart enough to have the respect of the young people and they are educated enough to figure out effective strategies for change.

When people begin to self organize, governments lose their power.  The herd doesn't need parasitic government which claims to own everything and control everything but sometimes the herd forgets this and then the politicians begin to believe their own bullshit.  Do this long enough and someone in the herd is going to call bullshit in the right place at the right time and it catalyzes a mass change in mood, just like the change in mood from meek and gullible prey to seriously dangerous predator that we saw in the Battle at Kruger video.

Keep an eye out for these signs to be increasing because neither Trump nor Hillary is any kind of leader at all.  They are both worthless liberals.  With Hillary, most people would just agree with the liberal label but for those of you who still question whether Trump is liberal, look no further than his serial abuse of bankruptcy laws in order to make a huge something for nothing living at the expense of the rest of us.  It is not conservative behavior to welch on contracts and default on bills REGARDLESS (do you hear me Trump?) of whether it is legal or not to do so under our corrupt BK laws.

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Augustine said...

Worse and more onerous than the Donald's bankruptcies were his use of eminent domain laws to steal other people's properties to build his properties. Nothing could be more liberal than the state sponsored theft of real estate.

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