Saturday, December 10, 2016

Now that Trump has won, look at the haze of humility returning to big mouth De Niro

DeNiro infamously bashed Trump for things he hadn't even done yet, saying before the elections that he wanted to punch The Donald in the face.  For what I can't imagine since the Trumpster hasn't ever had any fight with DeNiro that the web knows about.  Most likely, De Niro thought like everyone else that Hillary was a shoo-in and thus the liberal big mouth could spout off however he wanted to. 

Now that things have worked out how I predicted with a Hillary loss, much of the loud liberal opposition is singing a different, much less aggressive, much less in your face and almost conciliatory tune.  Here you can see De Niro almost in shock trying to get his foot out of his mouth on camera.  Laughably, he says he wants to give Trump the benefit of the doubt because that is the fair thing to do.  But only after Trump already won... Up until that point De Niro and many like him considered themselves the holy protectors of morality and wise sages beyond any question.  He and others didn't give a shit about what was fair or not to anyone but his own little clique/herd-ette.  But now they are caught on the wrong side of history and they freaking know it.  How's that meal of crow taste, Bob?

What De Niro did was typical of bullies and cowards.  When they thought they held the high ground and could defend all comers they were talking all kinds of trash.  Now roles are unexpectedly reversed they want mercy and they beg Trump to do something good for everyone even though the liberals certainly didn't give a flying F--K about anyone but liberals when they were in charge.

I think what they will find is that Trump actually tries to fix the problems and that for a time it will work out a lot better than most people imagined possible.  Of course, since all of it will be done on debt the writing is on the wall that a collapse must at some point take place but Trump will probably show more universally applauded progress in his first 2 years than Obama and GW and Bill Clinton showed in the totality of their crappy presidencies.

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