Friday, December 2, 2016

Is your ISP lying to you?

I use Suddenlink Intenet service.  I had 50/5 service (50 mb/s down, 5 mb/s up).  I got used to how it "felt" over the course of a year.  Then Suddenlink called me up and for a very low fee of only $10/month more they would double my down/up speeds.  It also included a larger download limit so I decided to go for it.

Of course, the first logical thing to do is test the connection speed and of course the best known way to do that is  When I use this I get pretty much the advertised result: 95 down and 11 up.  But the user experience feels about the same as before.  So it makes me wonder if I'm being Volkswagoned here.   I wonder if Suddenlink is monitoring for connection to well known speed test sites and then if so they crank up my performance to that which they agreed to provide but then when not at these sites they just give me whatever happens to be available.