Friday, December 9, 2016

Are the liberals TRYING to get us conservatives angry?

Yahoo finance has an idiot piece out today talking about the benefits of giving cash away to the extremely poor.  Their liberal "studies" indicate that if you give the cash with strings attached like cannot buy booze and cigs and drugs  then people find a way to spend it on booze and cigs and drugs.  But if you just give it to them with no strings attached, why, all of a sudden they spend the money wisely on their own recovery.

The liberal morons who authored this attack on common sense and sanity clownclude that By giving households sufficient cash at one time to open a small retail business, cash transfers create the opportunity to invest cash that might otherwise be spent in small doses on temptation items”.

This is always the tactic of the academic liberal.  They put forth a theory, they try it on a smaller scale and it doesn't work. So, instead of suspecting that they might be wrong (oh no, the liberal intellectual can never admit that or else how will the next useless textbook be sold??), they simply clownclude that they have the right idea but just need to do more.   

So their idiotic suggestion is to give someone enough cash all at once to start a small retail business because the simple receipt of 10-20k (which is the very minimum needed to start even the simplest of businesses) will suddenly imbue those who have spent their lifetime seeking how to be a deadbeat with the wisdom of investment intelligence and the massive work ethic that is needed to make a success of any small business.

This is what liberal academics would have us believe.  This shows just how little they know about doing real work.  This report is a slap in the face of anyone who has actually tried to run a small business.   It suggests that any old drunken bum, if given enough money, can start and run a successful enterprise.  First they would probably give them 5k, watch it all piss away and then decide it just wasn't generous enough and so maybe 10k more will ignite their animal spirit of hard work and competition.  Oops, there went the 10k so maybe 50k is really the firestarter here.

When I step back and look at this progression, the whole thing reminds me of the birth of the federal reserve.  They are up to over 4 trillion in base money now, all given to them out of thin air by corrupt, lying academics in order to ensure there is a chicken in every pot, a home for every family and a car in every garage all paid for with full employment and everyone getting a nice retirement and wonderful health care.

It won't work out for the bums whether they be on the street or sitting in the halls of the federal reserve bank.  What a massive confidence game the liberal elite have played on the world and what a massive whine we are going to hear when the moronic something for nothing liberal figure out that they are the Marks and Patsies in this deal.  I can guarantee you it will not be me because I now owe no house debt (just recently paid off, thank you very much), gold and silver coins in my hands, food stocks for me and mine and of course guns and ammo to make sure nobody is so bold to come and take any of it without grave risk to their own life.

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