Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Fake US embassy is a microcosm of liberal reality

In the liberal years, everything was turned on its head.  Real things were pushed to the back while fake things were pushed to the forefront.  We got fake liberal arts educations instead of real educations in trades or in engineering or sciences, we got fake sugar that apparently makes you fatter than real sugar.  We got fake economists, fake leaders and the precipitous rise of fake money.  We also have fake pensions, fake social security, fake news, fake crises, fake politicians, fake, fake FAKE.

In fact, it now suddenly comes to light after so many years of operation that we even had a fake US embassy in Ghana which was taking advantage of ignorant people over there by overcharging for real US visas.  Like all the other fake shit in the world, the fake embassy was run by no other than local organized criminal factions.

This crap was going on for a decade!  How in the heck did something so blatantly corrupt live in the open air for that long??  There can be only one real answer even though nobody wants to admit it yet: US politicians were getting palm grease in order to look the other way.  Now, all this seems to have been set up in the Clinton years of Secretary of State.  That is the perfect office to provide air cover for a visa scam.  I wonder how much money Hillary got paid by this and other corrupt bullshit which she oversaw as she sold democracy down the river?

I don't think we will have to wait very long to find out.  I think that the justice dept and the FBI will at some point be unleashed and the honest ones still working there who hate the fact that Americans no longer trust these once haloed agencies will regain control.  That's when the skeletons will come flopping out of closets.  It's coming.   Not because those running the show want it to.  When crime pays, it pays well.  But now crime is getting dangerous.  Too many know too much and it is now impossible to get rid of all the loose ends.  We are simply waiting for the herding signal that whistleblowers will not get carried away in the middle of the night and never heard of again, or heart attacked, or blown up in their car, etc.  It will likely come in the form of some high profile whistle blower coming out with a story and instead of getting shouted down and threatened as has been the case during the liberal years, that person will see an uncharacteristically welcome reception for his story.  When others in the herd see this they will realize that something is different now and they too will come forward.  This should begin to happen quickly, in a matter of a couple months to a couple years, not a couple decades.  Liberal excesses are very much like stock market action: stair steps up, elevator down.

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