Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Trump wants to cancel $billion order for ridiculous presidential plane

Trump is really playing to his strengths in these days before he takes power.  You have to give him credit for this.  Very few presidents elect do anything but party in the months before they take over.  Trump is signalling that he intends to hit the ground running with his agenda.  While I think Trump is going to make a lot of mistakes I also think that a 10 year old child could do better than all the presidents of the past 50 years so the bar is very low for Trump and all he has to do is not act like a complete a-hole to look good on a relative basis.

One evidence point for this statement is the way he politely threatened Carrier to keep jobs and production in the US "or else, my friend".  As a libertarian I think government has no place in picking winners and losers in business.  As a practical matter, however, any investment that is done in a foreign country becomes their investment in a time of crisis.  If you build a plant in Mexico and then we see a world war, whose plant will it be?  Possession is always 9/10ths of the law in any crisis.  So even if the retained production loses workers due to automation, at least the production capacity remains on American soil.  Libertarianism is only useful under an honest money regime.  In fact, the practice of Libertarianism not only defines the use of honest money but requires it.  Without honest money even the staunchest Libertarian is going to have to make stinky compromises because they are working under a system that is essentially corrupted by the Mammon Money.

The latest evidence of Trump playing to his anti elitist, anti big government message is his message to cancel a ridiculously overpriced $4 billion presidential palace of an Air Force 1 plan.  4 billion on one plane??????   That's some lavish stuff for a bunch of useless bureaucrats to consume on the backs of everyone else.  Interestingly, Trump doesn't seem to care about the use of government facilities.  Either he doesn't need what government is offering him or his own resources are nicer.  Mr. Trump is a showman if nothing else and I have the very strong feeling he is going to put on a very entertaining show.  It looks like one of his biggest acts will be to point out just how spendy and wasteful past presidential regimes have quietly been.

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