Saturday, December 10, 2016

Another story of people taking matters into their own hands from government

During the rise of liberalism, too many things were outsourced to government.  Essentially, too much trust was given and the people now feel like they have been let down in so many ways.  Some of the people believe that the government failures are simply due to incompetency in government.  Others think the reason governments don't come up with expected answers is because the governments somehow have dirty hands in the matter.  Regardless of the underlying reason, the rise in conservatism should be causing people to take matters into their own hands.  And since most people alive right now have known nothing other than growing and peaking liberalism, much of what we are about to witness will come off as unprecedented, "never seen this kind of thing before", etc.  Of course all of it has been seen before and nothing is without related precedent because the only new thing under the sun is the history we don't know.

So as today's evidence point I submit this story about MHH370 families now having taken the lead on their search for answers.  Will they find something that government didn't?  Maybe and maybe not (better not for the sake of all those governments who spent all that money finding little evidence and no answers).  But whether they find something government missed or not is really not important to this post.  What IS important is that unlike times before, the families of MHH370 did not just accept the government word as final. They didn't just give up when government said that they could not find anything.  If it shows nothing else it shows that these people have a complete loss of faith and respect for government.  Otherwise they are the most arrogant people every to have walked the face of the Earth because multiple large governments expended tons of effort with high tech equipment, experts, manpower and resources and they found essentially bupkiss.  So for these people to think that their tiny little rag tag effort is going to produce any results is the height of ignorance and arrogance, right?

Well, all I can say is that these people BETTER NOT find anything else a whole Hell of a lot of government face will be lost and the signals sent out across the herds of the world will be very strong that government is either lazy, stupid or corrupt at worst or at the very least inept, wasteful and ineffective.

There is only one reason I am going to write the following and that is because I count that a 3rd wave in lost confidence in government is unfolding in all of the governments involved in the search.  These people finding something on their own meager dime would cause a gap up in the confidence loss chart and I expect to find these kinds of gaps during a 3rd wave.  So I predict these people will find something that, while it might not be a full answer on the fate of their loved ones, will be seen as some kind of serious government failure in the matter.  Time will tell but I like my odds.  Not because of the fundamentals, mind you.  The fundamentals state that private individuals are wasting their time and money trying to accomplish something if government already tried and failed.  I like my odds because of the wave count and for no other reason.

Won't this be fun to watch?

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