Sunday, December 18, 2016

The new morality messaging team.

Since the vaaaast majority of our political leaders are completely corrupt pieces of shit, they cannot serve as morality models to the American public.  Because of this obvious morality vacuum in leadership, young people are stepping up to do for themselves (in-sourcing) what the aging generation had chosen to outsource to government. 

This move back towards more localized, less formal government and even self government as opposed to centralized government living in granite buildings and wasting huge amounts of cash is part and parcel of the new conservative wave.  Expect to see more and more of this kind of thing happening going forward.  Younger people with the drive to lead and who are disgusted with the way that the so called "greatest generation" have sold their souls into the chasing of fake green paper will be the core drivers of this move.  I applaud these people and I think it shows that the evil elite have not won the war and in fact are now on the defensive.  As I have written many times, you will know that the conservative wave is upon us when we see people doing things that are less and less motivated by the love of money and more and more things that are motivated by the love of life.

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