Sunday, December 18, 2016

British values oath proposal shows that politicians know something must be done

While the people have not yet either played camel (just lay down because the load is too heavy) or Camelot (take up arms against evil) for this cycle, the politicians clearly fear that one or the other is at risk of happening.  This is when you begin to see ridiculous stunts like the proposal of so called "value oaths" for holders of public office.  The goal: do whatever it takes in order to regain the confidence of a herd that is voting "no confidence" on current leadership regimes the world over.

I say that this is a ridiculous thing to do because quite honestly, an honest person doesn't need to take any oaths.  Whether you are religious/Christian or not, you have to admit that the Bible holds many truths about the nature of man.  In fact, it is the definition of wisdom.  Forget whether you think it was written by man or God.  Just look at it as if it were an instruction manual for a smooth running and happy society:  Don't murder.  Don't steal.  Don't be jealous of your neighbor's wife or possessions.  In fact, I think Matthew 7:12 sums it up best with the mention of the golden rule.  Just treat others as you would have them treat you.  If that was the only law of the land then we could get rid of hundreds of thousands of pages of specifics which essentially cite on a case by case basis what you would not like others to do unto you (and thus you should not do unto them).  That is essentially what the penal code is.

If you accept that the Bible has wisdom (knowledge in the ways of men) to teach which is quite separate than any religious topic, you might recognize "let your yes be yes and your no be no...".  This bit of wisdom assures us that the public recitation of oaths is a complete waste of time because the politician will already have told you what he wants you to think he stands for when he was stumping for position.  All he has to do is be true to that and you will know what you are getting in him.  The reason for fake, lying-ass oaths is that so few politicians are there to serve.  They are all there to cash in and if the people don't trust them then the people are watching them and so it becomes much harder to cash in at the people's expense without getting caught.

That's all the oaths are: Jedi mind tricks to get you to believe in them even though they have never done anything worth believing.  If you believe then you will go back to sleep and they can continue ruining everything with their greed and corruption.

I'm here to tell you that I will never believe a damned thing that any politician says unless they are saying that fake money, which in our case consists of fiat currency and especially fractional (fictional) reserve banking are the root of 99.5% of all evil in our society.  Whatever other thing they say is noise.  That goes double if the ass hat saying it tells us it is for the chillllldreeeennnn. 

Whatever other thing they do except work to rid us of the evil parasitic engine of economic slavery known as dishonest money is blue smoke and mirrors bullshit which is best left for the consumption of people who still don't have a clue.

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Augustine said...

In this instance, the Brits are merely catching up to America and its fascistic "pledge of allegiance", which blatantly violates the sovereignty of the states and turns the Federalist system on its head by effectively propping up a national government.

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