Sunday, December 4, 2016

Did you know? [911]

I have been very clear about my views on 911 over the years and they are based on just a few pieces of incontrovertible evidence.  Let me explain my logical, engineering based view on this.  We humans are easily confused by too much input.  That is a fact.  If you have 20 people yelling at you from all directions then it keeps you off your balance.  In essence, the signal to noise ratio (SNR) becomes so low that the truth of the signal is lost in the noise.  Of course, you can't fool all the people all the time because some of us are engineers who look at data to the exclusion of emotion.

One engineering technique for improving SNR is filtering.  You can vastly increase SNR simply by filtering out noise that doesn't matter.  Let me give you an example here.  If you want to understand the cause of death of a person who was shot in the head, you can look at all the minute details if you like.  You can analyze the metal composition of the cartridge which the bullet came from.  You can do spectroscopy on the power residue.  You can analyze the blood loss from the head wound.  You can in fact do millions of other needless tests.  But at the end of the day what matters is there is a guy on the floor with a hole in his head.  What else really needs to be analyzed?

In the case of 911 the amount of fake or useless/irrelevant data and bullshit that has been tossed into the air makes it impossible for anyone to sort it all out.  Thus it turns into a war of opinions which is exactly what those who did this crime want.  Their tactic is to wear everyone down and hope that the herd just accepts the bullshit and moves on.  But for anyone who can do the proper filtering, the truth is so obvious.  The only thing you need to know about 911 in order to understand that something is very wrong with the government lies and cover up is the story of WTC 7.  You can just forget everything else and treat it as noise.   Were the twin towers hit by commercial aircraft as the government would have us believe or were they replaced by drones?  I don't care.  Was the temperature of burning fuel hot enough to weaken the floor joists so that they eventually "pancaked" into full collapse or were explosives used to do the job?  Again, if you get caught up in this unwinnable debate then you are falling into the trap.

But WTC7?  Well, that is different.  That is the flaw in the government story that cannot be papered over by arm chair liberal physics.  Why?  Because WTC 7 was never hit by any airplane and it had no massive fires yet it collapsed into its own footprint at the speed of gravity as if on command.  WTC seven, AKA the Saloman building was a steel frame building and it simply collapsed without any provocation.  No fires!  No massive damage!  Just a sudden collapse. Anyone who will just focus on this can forget about everything else because this is all the proof anyone needs that something is very, very wrong with the liberal government lies about what happened that day.  Now, if you like frosting with your cake, it exists in the form of the mistaken pronouncement by complicit media no less than 4 times that the building had collapsed when in fact it is on video as still standing.  They were given stories to report on but they forgot to wait for the actual demolition to occur before reporting with crocodile tears and fake sadness and shock.

So I know for sure that 911 is far, far, far from what our lying government has told us it was.  I know for sure they are lying assholes.  What I don't think we need to do at this point is speculate on anything else.  I think we need a new 911 commission, one that is not controlled by traitors Bush and Obama.  One that recognizes that there is no way forward for the USA until past sins are outed and punished.  You know, just like I have been saying all along will eventually be the case.  Not because they want to, mind you.  All of this is very embarrassing to to the institution of US government and the release of this info could in fact be a cause for loss of confidence in the issuing authority of our government bonds and paper currency.  So admittedly there is a lot at stake here.  But someone, Trump at this point, will have to decide whether the best way forward is to fling open the kimono and tell the full truth about what happened and who did it and why OR to put up with American workers becoming more and more demoralized and distrustful of government.  Because I don't think there is a third option.  Obama was elected in order to get change.  We didn't get any and so Trump will now take his place. Trump is going to have to realize that his best bet is to allow justice to proceed else he too will be a failed president and the next election will bring in a true conservative like Rand Paul.  Sooner or later Americans are going to get our change because we are not going to forgive or forget.

Don't think that the truth cannot come out at this point!  Don't think there is too much water under the bridge, etc.  The power base of the liberals is now in full collapse and what is emerging is going to want and demand answers to 911, real truths.  I have been saying this for years but now that we are in a 3rd wave of the swing right we are finally approaching the moment when so, so many liberal lies and acts of treason are at very high odds of tumbling out of the skeleton closets that I think I need to begin posting 911 facts on a regular basis.  Thus, I have started a new thread called "Did you know? [911] and this is the first post in that series.

AND SO... did you know that the government's own 911 commission is in massive disagreement about what actually happened?  In fact, former 911 commissioner and former US senator Max Cleland has been very vocal about what a papered over, government controlled scam the who 911 "investigation" was.  In this video interview he labels the investigation "a scam" and "absolutely disgusting".  His wiki page says, "

Post-Senate career

Cleland was originally appointed to serve on the 9/11 Commission but resigned shortly after, having been appointed to the Board of Directors of the Export-Import Bank of the United States. Before his resignation, he said that the Bush administration was "stonewalling" and blocking the committee's access to key documents and witnesses.[21] A key figure in the widespread criticism of governmental opacity regarding 9/11, he was quoted as saying in November 2003: "I... cannot look any American in the eye, especially family members of victims, and say the commission had full access. This investigation is now compromised."[22]
So any of you government lovers out there who would point to the official 911 commission report should understand that this report does not reflect the views of several people on the commission.  It is simply what those appointed to lead the commission finally put out under orders of those who gave them the job of lying to us.

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