Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Even liberals are now starting to sound like conspiracy theorists.

Well it had to come to this. 

When conservatives were telling people truths that sounded outlandish, they got laughed down and so most of them sat down, simply unwilling to expend that much energy trying to educate a herd whose mind was already made up leaving no room for facts.  But now card carrying liberals are being called conspiracy theorists and receiving the same treatment as conservative whistle blowers have been getting. 

The difference is, most conservatives don't like to be too loud whereas liberals don't mind it at all.  Thus I predict (and have predicted many times in the past) that once the liberals catch on to what we conservatives have always known to be true, these same liberals who laughed at us but who are now coming awake from their herd think hypnosis will be the loudest of the loud about what is going on.

Here is such a case: a self proclaimed liberal Youtuber (at least in his foolish youth; now he's a Trump supporter...) is not only questioning Pizzagate but also the cover up activities involved with it.  Yes, it sounded crazy when I first mentioned that the corrupt liberal leadership was full of sexual deviant criminals.  Even my friends mocked me for this.  But now I think the herd is finally waking up to the truths which have been obvious to those of us who have been paying closer attention, not just living life at the headline level.

You think this doesn't matter?  Think again.  150k people watched his vid and 9000+ people liked it.  More importantly, only a very small number of people gave thumbs down on it.  It shows how the attitudes are changing, and changing fast.

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