Sunday, December 25, 2016

More elitist bankers being pursued individually for their past crimes.

Remember the bad old days when a bank would get caught committing some heinous crime like money laundering, fraud, etc. and nothing would happen to any individual about it?  The bank would simply pay a fine and admit no wrongdoing, nobody got a criminal record and nobody ever went to jail.   Well, elite, them days is over.   The people will no longer be happy with the simple payment of fines that no citizen ever gets a portion of and has no idea what the money is ever used for or if the money was ever even paid.  For all we know, it was all a big show done for the benefit of fake justice.  After all, everything else was faked during the liberal years.

But with the conservative wave will come new justice and those who think they got away with crimes 3, 5, 10 or more years ago will now find that the law has not forgotten about them.  Today's story concerns two criminal executives of Barclay's who committed obvious fraud during the go go days of "financial innovation" AKA fraud on a scale never before seen. 

This is just the beginning and those who are paying for past crimes at this juncture will actually be glad later on that they did because as things get harder for the herd, the herd is going to make it harder on those perceived to be at fault.  Of course the herd itself is really the one at fault.  If a con man meets a citizen and promised all sorts of something for nothing, whose fault is it for falling for this obvious con?  The con mans?  Maybe.  But without a Mark and a Patsy no con could ever have worked.  Our societal lack of wisdom in believing that fake paper currency is actually the same as money is our sin and I guarantee you there will be Hell to pay at some point.  The exponentially rising debt assures I will be right.  There is no fixing this.  Stop thinking that it is possible because that is just being more of a Mark or Patsy.   Please go look at the exponential debt chart of the USA and tell me how it will end up being anything but bad or worse.

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