Tuesday, December 6, 2016

More and more credible organizations are stepping forward with the obvious.

You might not care about Australia but I think you should.  We should all care about all of the smaller economies because these people are the same as we are here in the USA, just smaller.  Just a smaller flywheel.  Canaries in coalmines be they.  So if and when when I see massive inflation beginning to spread out of the usual players in south America, Russia, etc. I will pay attention.  And when I see respected organizations like Port Philips publishing begin to distribute well made conspiracy theorist videos like this one, I also pay attention.

During the liberal years, ALL manner of underhanded, disgusting and dirty bullshit took place.  That is a fact.  And while those involved think they got away with it, I'm here to tell you that they are deluding themselves.  Nobody has forgotten anything.  Revenge (AKA justice) is coming and soon.  Those out of power have, in order to assure their own personal security and employment, remained quiet and calm but not forgetful.  They are simply waiting for a time when the odds are not totally stacked against them in order to push forward with what they know.  In other words, the new conservative regime will favor whistle blowers.  I believe that even though Trump's selection for CIA head wants Snowden executed, Snowden will be more likely to get pardoned either officially or implicitly (nobody will chase him down).  Its not that they will change their convictions about Snowden.  It's that they know that they have to do things that will appease the people and many people want Snowden pardoned.  As the conservative wave grows, so will the willingness to see Snowden as I do: a hero who gave up everything to tell the world about corrupt and illegal activity within the US government.  The facts are that Snowden walked away from a hot girlfriend, a reported
$122k / year job,  a life in the tropical paradise state of Hawaii and of course citizenship in one of the richest and probably the most powerful nation on Earth.  Most guys on this planet would sell their soul for any ONE of those things.  Snowden not only walked away from all that, he also put a real target on his own back with many of the most powerful people in the world calling for him to be assassinated.  Talk about voluntarily going from one extreme in life to the other in the name of your principles.

Snowden is proof that, contrary to what so  many believe, the government does not control the people.  The people must agree to whatever befalls them else it cannot be done.  That agreement does not have to be a happy one.  When someone is tortured into compliance with demands, he has two choices: agree to comply with demands or face the consequences even unto death.  Yes the choice might be a shitty one, but the people have the final say.  Snowden chose truth and honor over everything else.  That is rare and to be admired, not hunted down and killed off by those who are threatened by truth! Because of past stupidity of allowing themselves to be disarmed, unarmed citizens in aggregate have to pay a higher price in order to disagree than those of us who are armed, aware and therefore dangerous to those who would try to impose their will upon us by force.  As usual, freedom is a pay me now or pay be a lot more later type deal.

With the new conservative wave entering a 3rd wave, expect more and more people to be speaking out about what they know of the scam of big banking and big government.  Videos like the one from Port Philips tell me that the conservative wave is real and growing.  Expect also a bunch more credible whistle blowers to materialize.  Importantly, expect less and less people to immediately write these coming accusations off or to call those doing the accusing stupid or crazy.  Expect many of the so called "conspiracy theorists" of today to soon emerge in a public way (on TV, etc.) as actually being hyper aware visionaries with all of their detractors and those laughing the loudest thoroughly discredited for their lemmingness.

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