Saturday, December 10, 2016

Nobel peace prize winner lectures USA about "war on drugs"

As a libertarian, it has been my position for a very long time that government should not have the right to tell me what is moral, good for me, bad for me, right or wrong.  Natural law already defines these things so why do I need anything else, especially something so easily corrupted as a council of men.  The war on drugs is a total scam.  The USA, it will eventually be widely known, has and is using drug revenue to fund black ops programs which benefit the elite at the expense of the working class.  The rumors and accusations of this are long standing and many but all you have to do is recognize big government as nothing more than a criminal cartel and you will know that they are involved with all aspects of criminal behavior which they claim to be against.  That includes kidnapping, torture, murder, prostitution, rape, pedophilia, running drugs, running guns.  You name it, some fuck in a suit working for government has been or is doing it under the protection of big government.  When the government starts a war on something, it almost always turns out to be a war on the competition.

Reading Smedley Butler's, "War is a Racket" many years ago was an eye opening experience.  Things that I only suspected to be true were laid out in detail and shown to be true by the most decorated marine in history during his life and still sits at the top of the wiki list of historic marines.  In other words he had everything to lose and nothing to gain by making up conspiracy theories.  And in case it needs to be said, starting an immoral or illegal war is never an individual act.  It is always a massive conspiracy.

All these official war on this or war on that proclaimed by big government are ALWAYS the wolf of corruption masquerading in sheeple's clothes.  And all of these bullshit wars just went on and on serially and perpetually during the rise of liberalism (regardless of whether GOP or DEM was behind it).  It was always a racket.  So if the rise of liberalism was the root cause behind these things it can only be surmised from my observation that liberalism has peaked that more conservative herd think will reconsider all these fake wars.

And so it is happening.  A recent Nobel peace prize winner has used his acceptance speech to question the whole notion of the war on drugs.  Yes, Juan Santos, the president of drug central Colombia is now saying that the war on drugs itself causes more strife and problems than the drugs themselves did: "It makes no sense to imprison a peasant who grows marijuana, when nowadays, for example, its cultivation and use are legal in eight states of the United States... The manner in which this war against drugs is being waged is equally or perhaps even more harmful than all the wars the world is fighting today, combined."

The cure, in essence, is admitted to be worse than the disease.  Of course, like so many other things turned on their head during the liberal years, the cure was actually the disease.  Ross Perot and Ron Paul are not crazy cranks but rather visionary truthists.  GW Bush and Barry Obama are not good leaders but rather a bunch of corrupt criminals sitting in high office and thus traitors in both words and deeds.  Neither is gold a pet rock nor is the dollar or any other paper currency real money. 

All of these ridiculous notions - getting impressionable herding people to believe things that are and have always been outlandish to a true conservative - is a clear hallmark of liberal control of herd-think.  But, like fake stock market asset valuations, those false ideas are stair steps up and elevator down.  Watch and see how fast all this liberal bullshit collapses because it is not truth and it is not real and it never was anything more than an illusion put on by the master illusionist; the great deceiver of sheeple.

I can proudly state that I was conservative when conservative wasn't cool.  I'm pretty sure that most of my readers were/are also because as a rule we humans don't read things that differ from our own mindsets.  If you have been/are a closet conservative I invite you to step into the light because the pendulum is clearly swinging in our direction now.  How much more do you need to see, how many more herding signals do you need to perceive before you agree?  It's all right there unfolding before our eyes in real time.

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Augustine said...

St Thomas Aquinas already said in the 13th century that vices should not be the scope of secular laws.

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