Sunday, December 18, 2016

Peak government is upon us

An admission of limitation of powers by one of the most powerful and feared US government organization, the DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency/Despot Enablement Agency) would be yet another evidence point in the ongoing move by the herd away from liberal centralized control of everyone and everything back toward distributed and even self government.

In a move that was the drug control analog to the gun control idea that scary looking guns make guns more dangerous, the DEA proclaimed that canabis oil (CBD) is a schedule 1 drug.  What does that mean?  It means that because the substance sounded druggy by including the word "canabis" in the technical description, the DEA decided that it should be a significant crime to make or posses even though it has only trace amounts or even zero THC in it (THC is the drug in pot that gets you high).

Instead of just taking it lying down, those who are running businesses that involve CBD are loudly questioning the DEAs right to randomly criminalize substances like this.  I predict that the DEA will be forced to back down from this clownish overstep. 

In the past, once DEA had spoken it is like another line was added to the stone tablets in addition to the original 10.  The DEA was and still is that powerful.  They can violate constitutional rights of anyone not willing to take up arms against them in the name of the war on drugs.  Of course, South American drug despots have risen on the back of this so called war and it has been the cause of many pointless deaths.  So the DEA should really be called the Despot Enablement Agency. 

Government is not going to stop people from taking drugs if they want to and lack of government rules is not going to cause society to break down into a drug induced stupor.  Every thinking person knows that drugs can cause a lot of problems outside the law and if you abuse them you are your own impediment to the pursuit of happiness.  We do not need government throwing hundreds of thousands of people into jail for nonviolent drugs crimes.  Especially when government taxed pot is now legal in several US states.  The rise of liberalism enabled the thinking that government is God.  The rise of conservatism will reverse this.

As I write this, many of my readers will certainly wonder if I got this one wrong.  After all, the war on drugs, the DEA, big government - it all just seems too powerful to reverse.  Well, here is the truth of the matter which I write not for those reading today as much for those reading 10 to 15 years from now: government never really controls an armed populace.  Yes, that's right, I'm back to the theme that might makes right (regardless of whether or not this notion impinges upon the brains of liberals - we conservatives have always known it to be the truth).  A people which is heavily armed to the point where a popular uprising is not only possible but damned near likely unless something changes can only be controlled by its own consent.  The people, in aggregate, have to actually agree with what the controlling force is requesting otherwise something different is going to happen.

When times are good, the herd doesn't care about those who get mowed under by big government oversteps.  And who is it that gets mowed under?  Yup, the poor.  Yup, blacks and Hispanics.  You know, the constituency of the liberal ruling class.  In the name of protecting these people, the ACTIONS of the liberal ruling class are clearly anti poor, anti non-white.  Did the wealth divide get better under Uncle Tom Obama??  No it did not.  It got faaaaar worse and in fact bad to a historic level.  The blazing moron liberals who are all in tears about the political death of Hillary are wailing about the the death of their oppressor!!  Flapping idiots!  Educated white people know what is going onSo do educated, thinking, observant minorities.

When times are not so good and when the people have lost hope, that is when real change can occur.  We have damned near lost a whole generation of productive workers due to the liberals infecting their minds with something-for-nothing thinking.  That is now about to change and I think the change will occur with speed - we will see real change under Trump simply because things are so bad right now that the herd is ready for the reversal regardless of who the clown in chief is. 

The change will come less because of government policies than the government policies will change because of the demands of the people.  It's akin to the fed recently raising interest rates by 1/4 point.  I've always argued that the data shows that the fed does not control long term interest rates.  The market (AKA the people) does/do.  Those who tried to debate me on this issue in the past must now admit that I was right.  The interest rate on the 10 year treasury has nearly doubled since July.  It is up 150 basis points in that time frame while the fed just sat on its hands. But now the con men at the fed are looking at the slope of this move and they realize that the market is taking rates up without them and so they had to raise rates else the world will know what I and many other conservative thinkers already know which is that the market controls the long term interest rates, not the fed.

It will be the same with government policies in any society where the population is sufficiently armed.  Government will be a fast follower of the will of the people.  When the population is disarmed, massive distortions are possible in relationship to government policies because of the force multiplication of arms.  But even in those cases, the will of the people eventually emerges as the controlling force of the herd.

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