Friday, December 2, 2016

I wonder how much more of this good Indian people will put up with

Lots of strange things are afoot in India as the government seems Hell bent on collecting taxes even if it destroys the economy to do so.  Recently they banned most of the paper currency that was in circulation and made people trade it in for new fake paper money on very short notice.  So every honest person had to drop what they were doing and go jump through this bureaucratic hoop which had zero benefit for the people and only benefit for the government.  Then government put a scare in people about gold confiscation.  Now they are saying the if someone can document every piece of gold they have in possession then the generous God-like government will, out of the kindness of its heart, allow the people to keep their money.

I say, why are the people putting up with this shit?  Why not just go remove the greedy corrupt Indian government by the seat of their pants and throw these dictators into jail, or worse?  Well, being a disarmed nation doesn't help but I dare say that there are enough citizens that if they would just band together as a unit that they could in a single day deal with these bureaucratic dictators.  I will not be surprised to see it happen at some point.  Such careless treatment of the people is an affront to the concept of freedom.

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