Saturday, December 10, 2016

Venezuela is now in shark jumping territory for communism

Ina desperate bid to appease the increasingly poor and thus increasing angry liberal masses of Venezuela, corrupt despotic government officials seized ~ 4 million toys from a distributor named Kreisel to be sold at below cost.  They also arrested two executives so they could be paraded around in front of the people to show how great a job the government was doing of providing for them. 

Kreisel's crime was apparently the attempt to rob the poor kiddies of Christmas.  I could just gag even reading this crap but I think it has to be put out there because it shows how everything the criminal governments of the world say and do is actually backward.  Up is down, right is wrong, good is bad.  If the government had a group called "consumer protection" you can be sure its real effect will be "consumer screwing".  Same for education, health (ever heard of the Affordable Care Act"??), you name it.  Also because of the past rise of liberalism, homo is the new hetro.

Everything is backward, reversed from the natural order and it's not a coincidence.  It's policy.  Everything should be done backward.  If you want to know why, go look up the law of reversal.  And don't blame me, I'm just the messenger who is not afraid to say aloud what I observe to be true.

By stealing the goods of Kreisel, the government is actually stealing Christmas 2017 from everyone in Venezuela.  How many times does the corrupt government there think that they can rob the local businesses, literally at gunpoint, in order to literally play Santa Claus to the people.  The problem is really that this theft won't relieve any pressure.  The poor classes who are demanding more and more of their government nannies will simply say, "What good is this? I can't eat toys.  Besides, you got them for free and now you are selling them even if at lower prices.  We want more.  We want it all and then some.".

When the corrupt Venezuelan government chases out all the producers with their illegal theft operations there will be nobody left to fleece and then the whole thing will collapse into open civil war.  At least, that is the obvious lesson from history.  Maybe it will be different this time...

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