Wednesday, December 7, 2016

The people of India didn't learn.

The poor and middle classes of India must have some kind of systemic learning disorder. At least that's what it looks like to me.  After all, how many times throughout history have they gotten used and abused first by their own leaders, then by the Brits and then by their own leaders again?  The government goes around taxing everyone but the infrastructure of the country is in shambles.

And now their corrupt government is upping the ante.  First it de-monitized (or demonized if you will) most of the paper currency in circulation in the name of catching tax cheats.  Now it is sending tax agents door to door and giving them great power and leeway on who can keep their gold and whose gold will be confiscated/stolen only to end up in the unaccountable pockets of the organized crime ring running their country.  Corruption of public officials is a way of life in India because the people collectively put up with it.  Now these tax officials can and will ask for whatever they want.  I'm quite sure that many a poor family nest egg will have to be defended at the expense of the virginity of the young girls of the household.  Roll your eyes if you like but it has happened so many time throughout history that conquering armies rape the women that it is nearly a given to happen in this case as well.  As Mish underscores, the middle and poor classes will suffer the most.

And where will all this stolen loot go??  How will government be accountable for it?  How will it be spent?  Come back in 1 year and let's see if one G-d damned thing is better.  Let's see if the money went to fix even one road or added one school more than were going to get fixed before the big theft occurred.  Trust me, there will be no visible impact from this action because government fucks will steal everything they collect. And how often will the tax man return asking for annual tribute lest he mark the family as tax cheats and send the parents to jail?  Are we to believe that these raids are a one and done affair??  Of course they aren't!!  Why would tax officials voluntarily give up the power to rape children and collect bribes from the front door step of households?

The whole thing is just so ridiculously corrupt, so over the top tyrannical that this would clearly flip my switch from "peace" to "war" if it were happening to me.  There is no way any government asshole, regardless of what badge or paper he is carrying, is going to come in and lay hands on my gold.  Not without a massive shooting war in which many of them will die.  That's my promise to anyone who thinks that this level of tyranny has any chance at all of working in the US.  We gotta die some time.  Nobody ever lived forever.  There was a time before me and there will be a time after me.  No way is anyone going to slave me out like is happening in India right now and in fact if the powers that be don't behave themselves they will be damned lucky if the American patriots don't go out of our houses and attack them (see note 1).

But this is not going to happen easily for the people of India because they did not learn the lesson that might makes right.  When the tax collector knocks at the door, you have to open it because behind him is an armed squad of police, all of whom think your life is of little consequence.  And those police are carrying force multipliers known as "guns".  Again, where does tyranny grow the fastest and the fattest??  Only where the people are unarmed and thus have no hope of defending themselves against the criminal cartel.

If Indians would ever learn the lesson that first you buy guns and ammo and THEN you hoard gold and silver, none of this would be happening today.  The government, being bullies and cowards, would never dare risk an armed uprising by so many people.  In a day, an armed Indian population could overthrow all of the criminals which now treat them like owned property.  The Indian people can still do it without guns but at a much higher cost and with a lower probability of it ever occurring until things get much, much worse.

Why do you think so many governments are so interested in disarming their population?  To save lives??   If you believe this then you need to wake the Hell up because, as Carlin so aptly stated, they don't give a fuck about you.  At all.  At all.  At all.  They want us disarmed so that they can do whatever they want without any real risk of revolt.

Note 1:  During the liberal years, the people outsourced everything to government: our education, our safety, our prosperity and even our economy.  Too bad if history shows that government cannot be trusted with this much power.  They said they would care for us and we the moronic, uneducated masses, took them up on their unkeepable promise.  Many times they tried to disarm us but the vision of our founding fathers was great and they empowered us with the 2nd amendment.  Even after the 1st amendment was effectively bought and paid for by government, the 2nd stood tough.  The second means that any of the rights and responsibilities that have been assigned to the government can be taken back at any time if enough armed people simply demand that it be done.

Now to many this, like many of the true things I write, seems incredible, fantastic to the point of being crazy.   I understand how it looks.  But these things I write are not new.  In fact they only seem new and absurd to so many because people were never taught real history.  Oh sure, they assembled us and fed us some useless names and dates to remember as if that is what history is for.  But the purpose of history is not taught in government run schools because doing so empowers people.  The true purpose of history is so that we can learn from past efforts.  We can learn what worked and what did not.  The further you look back into history, the further you can see into the future because there is nothing new under the sun except the history that ignorant people don't know.  Government does not want the people to understand real history because it would polarize the people against allowing a few asshats to "lead" us into the same traps going forward.  Traps that a few elite prosper from at the expense of everyone else.

And so the conservative swing is happening.  What kinds of things should we be seeing?  Well for one, we should see people begin to stand up and question when government doesn't investigate crimes.  We should see people actually take up arms and demand answers.  At first it could be a small number of people but if the powers that be do not wake up and throw more of their elite buddies under the bus as sacrifice to the growing conservative mob, those numbers could grow rapidly.  We could even see people band together and put their police and government officials in jail for corruption like the people of this Mexican town did.

Well that's Mexico. It could never happen here in the US?

Or could it?

How do you explain the actions of this guy who decided to take up arms and go investigate PizzaGate in person?  I mean, what are the chances and why did this guy think he was ever going to get away with actually discharging his weapon into the ground like that in demand of information about child trafficking and pedophilia?  Well, if you still can't see the obvious, look at what I just wrote above: "we should see people begin to stand up and question when government doesn't investigate crimes.  We should see people actually take up arms and demand answers."  This guy is doing exactly what I expect more and more people will be doing.  Not walking around shooting up the place necessarily, but rather demonstrating graphically that if police don't do their job that the people are going to step up and do it for them.

Importantly, look at the photo of that man.  He has surrendered but the lady cop has pointed he pistol down.  When do cops ever point their pistol down?  We are talking about a guy not just walking around with a gun, but who actually went into a place of business with people present and discharged his weapon demanding answers.  Normally they would have generated a shoot out situation with no intent of taking him alive.

Get ready for the new normal and don't say nobody saw it coming.  It's coming folks.

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