Thursday, December 1, 2016

Corrupt UN chief apologizes for Haitian cholera outbreak

From a medical technology perspective, there is no longer any excuse for anyone on the planet to EVER get cholera again.  So why do so many 3rd world children still suffer from it?  Simply because nobody gives a shit.  Oh, people SAY they give a shit but nobody really does.  After all, we are all busy chasing the green paper and, hey, aren't there international organizations like WHO and UN who have already stepped up to own this on behalf of everyone anyway?  For decades we have still seen all kinds of needles medical suffering yet nobody has apologized for it, nobody has done anything to change it.

Now, don't get me wrong.  I'm not asking the UN or the WHO to do anything.   It is THEY who have asked to own these problems IN EXCHANGE FOR FUNDING.  I would prefer for all governmental agencies to get out of the game of Big Charity because governments don't care about people at all.  It's just a job and if nobody is watching or complaining about the way the job is getting done then so what if a few million people die?  THAT is how governments think and I know this is true because that is what the data, the evidence, the actual history says is happening.  I would much prefer that traditional charity take the lead again (i.e. churches, etc.).  These groups do it because they feel a need to, not because it is their job.  They do it because it would pain them not to do it.

Of course, these problems got worse and worse as the so called caring liberals peaked in power and prosperity.  The truth is, these people are liars.  Liberals, whether hiding behind GOP or DEM credentials have a propensity to lie.  Conservatives have a propensity to tell the truth even if it costs them to do so.  There are gradients here.  Nobody is perfectly conservative and nobody is perfectly liberal.  But there is a clear lean at the individual level as well as at the group level.  And now that the group is beginning to lean right again, all of a sudden we find the chief of the UN apologizing for mismanaging the Hatian cholera outbreak which - get this - the UN brought to the island itself! With friends like this, who needs enemies?

Note that this is not one in a long string of apologies for the many f--kups of the UN over the years (and there have been many).  This is a first and thus yet another sign in the sea change as the tide of all talk and little do liberalism gets flushed out to sea while a river of new conservatism fills the basin with fresh water.  And the UN chief didn't apologize because he is sorry.  He did so because he senses a change in wind direction and is trying to get out in front of it before it blows him and his corrupt cronies away.  He is doing it because he can now feel the eyes upon him whereas up until now he felt nobody was looking (because we weren't...). 

I hope someone starts looking into the accounting at the UN, the WHO and other Big Government organizations.  I'm sure they will find tons of money was spirited out the back door that was supposed to be used for these kinds of efforts.  Mark my words: someone with a big title is going to get in big trouble soon for having stolen from the poor people of the world.  I don't know if it will be the UN, the WHO or the Clinton Foundation or some other corrupt group.  But accountability is coming and it will begin with real accounting audits that will find that the mice did play when the cats were away.

Of course, the conservatives will eventually become just as bad a problem as the liberals have been when the pendulum swings far enough to the right but we are going to have a good number of years where a better balance is struck between the two ideologies as the pendulum heads back center.

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