Sunday, December 4, 2016

Women's lib will be downplayed in the coming years

A long time ago I mentioned what I believed would be the early signs that real conservatism was returning to our society and one of those signs was that it was going to look a lot more like the 1950s. You know, those years of glassy eyed bankers and also way back when the woman stayed home and cared for the children and the man would go out and bring home the bacon. During the liberal years between Ike (Eisenhower) and now, women joined the chase for fake paper money so the "power couples" could live in mcmansions. Too bad if the children were either never conceived or were poorly educated or grew up without adult supervision and thus making way too many avoidable mistakes.

I also wrote that it will not be men demanding this change. The change will come from society in general and the majority of women will actually support it. They have now tasted the work-a-day life of being a man and realize that it really isn't all that great. You have all the pressures of having to perform while the nurturing years of being with the kids tick away leaving the woman with unfulfilled natural mothering instincts.  You end up an old person without the love of your children (or without children at all...).  As the conservative wave continues to wash over us the fake paper money will have less and less sway over people's thinking. They will decide to do things which fulfill their historical instinctual needs instead working their lives away doing someone else's stupid bidding.

I admit that it has been challenging up until this point to provide proof that this aspect of my world view is playing out but now that the 3rd wave of conservatism is upon us it does not surprise me to find that the evidence is beginning to show up in unambiguous ways. Today's evidence point of this is a story about a liberalized California woman who is suddenly figuring out that her natural place in life is beside her husband, not ahead. She is realizing that if she acts in ways that are not natural that her life will not be in harmony with nature.  That it is only happening now is simply because she has been receiving the subliminal herding signals that have been going out and they are impacting her brain in ways she does not understand yet which will in fact guide her going forward.

Kathy Murray will not be the only one affected like this.  Going forward I expect a lot fewer women to be attending college and also for an overall reduction of women in the workforce.  This is by no means me saying men are superior in the workforce.  I think that such judgement must be made on an individual case by case basis and there are certainly plenty of women engineers out there who I am glad I do not have to directly compete with.  Please try to differentiate the knowing of a thing from the wanting of it.  Whether or not I want something is completely irrelevant to anyone except me.

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