Monday, January 8, 2018

More UFO stuff being seen by broad audiences

In this very recent post I predicted that we will be seeing more credible  UFO/alien stuff coming out very soon.  I think that Trump is smart enough to know that release of this information is yet another way to engender appreciation and to build confidence with the American people.  Government is, right now, in an internal war over who owns the confidence of the people.  Dems think that they are going to win this war the old fashioned way: mud slinging.  But I think Trump GOPs will try to achieve the goal using more transparency and more attempts at honesty.  If government takes this path then dems will have zero chance in winning this war.  It is so obvious to me that the people want more honesty, more honor, more truth, less needless withholding of info, etc.  Trump, being a showman more than anything else, will give the people what they want to see.

The whole notion of UFOs being relegated to the realm fools and conspiracy theorists is going to dissolve in the next 10 years.  More and more credible disclosure (how much more credible can it get than a US fighter pilot speaking freely?) will lead to a broader awakening of the herd.  Many in the herd know of the existing data but are intimidated by herd think from coming forward with what they know. We will begin to see that change dramatically soon just as the floodgates on the Hollywood bigwig sexual harassment stories opened up.  This is all happening not because government wants it to but because factions are being left with little choice in the matter.  At the end of the day the herd always gets what it really wants.

They say that knowledge is power and of course that is true.  So consider my bigger theme that concentrated centralized power has peaked and now the elite will take a step down as the middle class expands its power again.  Consider it in light of my prediction above about disclosure.  Transferring this knowledge to the rank and file constitutes a step down for the elite in terms of the knowledge gap that they have purposely created in order to keep the rest of us down.  This is perfectly inline with my well documented world view and predictions of what is coming in the years ahead.

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