Sunday, January 28, 2018

More evidence that conservsatism is on the rise.

People are people for the most part but they behave the way that the herd pressures them too.  Most do not even know that they are feeling pressure but peer pressure comes in many forms.  Such is the lot of a member of a herding species like humans.

I predicted a couple years ago that things would begin to get ridiculous as the herd scrambles to move from left to right.  Today's article is the early beginning of just the kind of thing I have been talking about.  It essentially touts some bullshit study that says good looking people are more likely to support the political right "because they are stronger and more successful than their liberal peers".

Let me tell you, it's the liberals who have all the money right now.  They took out big loans to consume tomorrow's productive output today and thus they are flush with cash.  As a result, the liberals in coastal cities look successful and the conservatives who live in Podunk Flyover State look like pig farmers in comparison. 

Additionally, liberal con men are running an organized crime ring in big government that has been very profitable.  Today you can still roll your eyes when you read this from me, only not quite as far back into your skull as you might once have been able to do.  That's because many of the criminal acts that I predicted would be exposed have already been hinted at and in some cases proven.  But all this is still just scratching the surface.  As I have said many times, we ain't seen bad yet, but it's coming.

In any case, crime paid these dem and GOP assholes quite well whereas conservatives got none of the spoils.  So for a "study" to come to such a ridiculous conclusion today is simply a sign about where the herd is heading.

It won't be long before we begin reading articles telling young people that the best place to find their soul mate is in church...

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