Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Liberal fool Piers Morgan tips his hand on The Donald.

Like all liberals, Piers Morgan has no actual standards or personal position on anything.  He simply says what is most convenient or profitable.  He's the epitome of the liberal media whore.  But he's not stupid.  He sees which way the wind is blowing and so he is doing a little blowing himself with Trump.  But don't take it from me.  Vanity Fair is out with a story against him essentially mocking Morgan for fainting into Trump's waiting arms.

And so it will go folks.  The left will continue to see defectors and the rate of defection will increase as fair weather liberals jump ship and wade through the water toward the right.  All of this is predictable and was predicted in these pages years ago.  This kind of changing of the guard is never done without a few LEOs getting the horns in public though so watch for it.  The herd wants blood and so they must be given blood.

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