Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Trump's state of the union speech

While taking a few potshots at illegal immigration, Trump's state of the union speech can be boiled down very simply:  Government is going to spend a lot of money to make everyone happy.  Poor kids will get better health care and a better education.   Businesses will get lower taxes.  We'll spend a trillion in infrastructure updates and create a gazillion great jobs in the doing of it. And the military will receive the biggest budget increase in history.  A car in every driveway, a chicken in every pot, EIEIO, MOUSE.
Trump is nothing if not transparent.  He's the self proclaimed king of debt.  He knows that if people loan him too much money and then they later decide they want to be repaid he will just demand that they take a haircut or risk complete non-repayment.  This is exactly what he said during his election run before his handlers walked those statements back.  But this is what he is doing.  All the spending he is asking for has to be put on the national credit card because if he asks people to actually pay cash for all these gifts then what good is gift giving?

When do you think the Ponzi will blow up in our faces, Trump?