Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Interesting video

I don't watch much Greg Hunter to be sure but the title of this vid caught my attention and when I begin listening to the things said by his guest in the vid I could quickly see that they aligned with my long standing model that peak and then declining liberalism will bring with it peak and the declining elitism.  The elite will begin to see the skeletons falling out of their closets and once it begins it will turn from a dripping faucet into a small stream and then a fast river and finally into a tidal movement at exponential speed, exactly like the collapse of the Hollywood sexual predators, etc.  That whole event was a microcosm of what is coming to many players in the liberal military industrial complex.

The IG report mentioned in the vid is important because it will have many names and facts in it and the Trey Gowdys of the world will search through it, create a chain of corrupt actors that lead to Hillary, Bill, Bush 2, and many other corrupt players and then they will start going after the weaker links in the chain to get them to turn state's evidence on those above them.  Seeing that the elite protection umbrella that used to exist to protect criminals from this kind of investigation have collapsed, the lower level criminals will spill their guts in exchange for leniency.  I know this is going to happen because this is the way all criminal organizations eventually peak and then collapse and big government is nothing more than a criminal organization.

Yes I know, it's all laughable.  In most people's minds, the elite are untouchable, the deck is stacked the table is rigged, etc.  It all looks so unassailable to people with weak minds and no understanding of the nature of money, the existence of cycles, and many other things that contribute to  the big picture that is so clear to me.  What we are seeing is the wizard of Oz - a scary show full of bluster and, yes, of some power when focused on a few targets at a time.  But when the people rise up like the African buffalo at the Battle of Kruger then the curtain is pulled back and there we find a weak old man fiddling with knobs and talking through a fake amplified voice.  And that's when hands are laid upon him, he is dragged into the street and then shot in the face.

All metaphorically speaking of course.  At least for now.

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