Thursday, January 18, 2018

In Venezuela, fake money has returned to its actual value.

WaPo disingenuously reports that "In  Venezuela Money Has Stopped Working".  I wish I could just slap the crap out of whoever wrote that turd of a story.  That's like saying capitalism doesn't work which is also a big liberal lie.  Here's the truth folks: Venezuela has not been using real money for a loooooog time.  The Bolivar has been their national CURRENCY but only a damned fool these days does not know the difference between money and currency.  Currency is just fake paper that poses as money.  The only REAL money is gold and silver and everything else IS NOT.

Do you think that Venezuelans who might have moved all their wealth into gold and silver before their hyperinflation (AKA loss of confidence in the issuing authority) began to skyrocket now count themselves among the poor??  Not no but Hell no. Those who understood that fake paper receipts are not money and instead stored their life savings in gold and silver are now RICH by comparison to everyone else.  They still have the ability to either move the Hell out of there OR wait for the collapse to finish and then buy everything in sight for the next up cycle (which will invariably come).  Those with gold and silver have OPTIONS.  They have choices.

Those who stupidly listened to government lies about their currency being "safe and sound" are now penniless paupers.  Those who called the fake paper Bolivar "money" are flaming IDIOTS.   Calling that shit "money" makes it sound like the concept of money is flawed when in fact you have to be using money to even make that statement in the first place.

I have to ask you: do you think the USA is really any different than Venezuela?  Do you think that 20 trillion in exponential debt is sustainable?  Do you think there is any coming back from that?  Any way to pay it off or even to pay it down??  NO!!  The debt will grow larger each year as more and more currency must be printed in order to stem the collapse which is coming no matter what.

Please do yourself a favor and move your entire retirement savings OUT of dollar denominated stocks and into real physical metals.  The stocks will eventually collapse to nothing because they too are just another form of fiat currency.  But physical metals in your hands will ALWAYS be money because they have always been money on every continent, independently, everywhere.

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