Tuesday, January 16, 2018

[GE] now in fear of breakup...

Today the news is buzzing on yet another "unexpected" hit to GE shares on the heels of an admission of an 11 billion dollar financial hit.  Read the news if you like, or simply go back in my blog and look at the future predictions that GE would eventually BK or be broken up.  For example, here is a post that clearly stated my position long before the shares showed any signal of collapse.  The chart model I provided back then is shown below.

The bounce from black 3 turned out to go a bit higher into the $32 range as an expanding wedge before black 4 completed.  Black 5 is now in progress.

GE was a debt Ponzi that is now in collapse.
The global stock markets are all debt fueled Ponzis that will also likely collapse.
All fiat currencies are debt ponzis (trust ponzis) that will also all eventually collapse.

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