Monday, January 8, 2018

Big government loses its bid to use the corrupt legal system to punish the Bundys.

Back during the Bundy Ranch standoff I explained several times in posts like this one that the Bundy situation was going to turn out to be different than Ruby Ridge, the Waco massacre and other situations where people tried to stand up to big government and were killed for their belligerence.  The end result of the physical confrontation was that government forces were ordered by their superiors to pack up and pull out without meeting their mission objectives.   This happened because the Bundy story had gone viral to a suddenly receptive herd and it became clear that it could ignite into something much, much bigger if government tried to pull a Waco there (i.e. kill everything that moved).

So instead, they backed off the physical force path and tried to use force of law to finish the mission instead.  But today we learn that the government's case against the Bundys has been dismissed by a federal judge in Las Vegas citing illegal withholding of evidence by the prosecution.  This is a big deal IMO. a major milestone that underscores my world view that big government has peaked and is now losing power.  Not because it wants to mind you, but simply because the herd is waking up and is no longer nodding yes at everything the corrupt government says and does.  This is going to lead to major changes in the way things work.  The elite will fall from power and the middle class will cycle upward again as a result of the new macro environment which is a massive return to conservatism, individualism, rule of law instead of rule by men, etc.

I'm not saying there will not be potholes in the road ahead for conservative, private individual citizens who are tired of being pushed around, owned and used by big government.  There will be as much trouble needed in order for this new direction to take hold.  The more that high level corrupt assholes in high places push back, the higher the odds are that the AR15s will come out of the gun lockers into the hands of individual citizen warriors on the street.  This is not what I hope will happen.  I hope that government people will recognize that they have already lost the battle, that the control mechanisms which have kept the herd docile and under control are all breaking down.  I hope they stage a tactical retreat and take their foot off the necks of free people,  But if progress is stalled or threatens to reverse I am confidant that big government will have a lot more trouble on its hands than it ever counted on.

The battle at Kruger is ongoing but the opposition is breaking down layer by layer just like the lion pack broke down individual by individual.  Those who did not bug out on their own were trampled or gored.  It's coming folks.  Wait for it.

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Augustine said...

Since laws are neither interpreted nor enforced by themselves, but by men, there's no such a thing as the rule of law, only the rule by men. The question is therefore who interprets and enforces the law, either we the people or the ruling class. Choose wisely.

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