Monday, January 15, 2018

Another liberal fakism dying

During the liberal years EVERYTHING that could be faked was faked.  Fake leaders, fake money, fake news, fake pensions, fake truths, FAKE FAKE FAKE.

This also included fake beauty.  That is, the use of photoshop to make normal women look like goddesses in photos and then of course demanding that everyone buy products in search of this generally unavailable beauty.  Such fakery had the effect of making gullible people in the herd (i.e. most people) feel inadequate while raising the status and stature of our beauty figures.

Well, we now see that this trend is reversing.  People have had enough of being told they don't measure up to fake beauty standards and so large corporations are heeding the message.  In this case we see CVS Pharmacy stores now beginning a ban on photoshopping of images of people on products (or requiring a label that exposes the fakery).  The new conservative wave is rippling throughout all areas of our society at an amazing rate. Truths of all kinds will begin replacing lies.  Watch and see.

Remember, you heard it here first.  True conservatives do not withhold respect and praise for those saying and doing the right thing.  They give credit where credit is due.  Be conservative my friend.

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