Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Catholic church sends out the big gun to do the open Mea Culpa for years of sex abuse by priests.

For many decades, the sheeple who have been attending Catholic churches have silently been suffering as priests, who are after all just men and not gods, have been using their position to sexually abuse their flock.  Well, give a man absolute power and what the Hell do you expect?

In any case, the sheeple down in Chile finally decided to wake up and take matters into their own hands by, get this, burning down the churches where certain priests were known to be engaged in this type of sexual predation.

Because the herd has now shown the lions that the herd has real horns and has become unafraid to use them (which is the only remedy for the problem of elitism gone wild), the Pope himself had to show up and do the big teary eyed mea culpa on behalf of his corrupt sex addict priests.  Yep, the pontiff of damage control himself had to turn on the fake tears as he apologized for the actions of his subordinates.

Why is all this happening?  Why now?  Well, I've told it and told it and told it but some people are very slow on the uptake.  So I'll tell it again: peak liberalism is upon us and conservationism is coming back into vogue.  Conservatives own up to their mistakes whereas liberals are surprised that they are no longer able to get away with whatever they want.  The herd is watching now and the herd is beginning to go around all existing forms of justice and instead taking matters into its own hands.  Why?  Because there is no justice save that which you get your own little hands dirty to extract from the bad guys.

Screw the government.  Screw the politicians.  Screw the cops.  If someone is using their position as teacher, religious leader, scout leader, day care center administrator to abuse your children, TAKE IT UP WITH THEM DIRECTLY and with extreme prejudice.  The fact that the cops, the politicians and others in the existing justice system have not dealt with this means they are all corrupt and dirty as well.  Sooner or later we will have to take out all the trash.  Get ready folks because its coming.

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