Thursday, January 18, 2018

Another useless government bloat agency is being wound down.

The LA Times reports that the current head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is asking for zero funding for the current calendar year.  What does the CFPB do?  Who in the fuck knows??  Not much I suspect despite a budget that is large enough for it to still have $140 million in its account from past operation.

The writing is on the wall as Mulvaney bleeds the cash out of this pig.  The next move will be to shut it down for good.  All this is happening to the cries of big government lovers who would like to imply that the consumer will actually be losing something with the shutdown of this useless sandbox for academics and con men.

The marginal players in any show get hurt the first and the worst.  Mulvaney just outed the CFSB as a "red shirt" (see reference from Galaxy Quest...) whose motto used to be "never give up, never surrender".  In the future they won't have a motto because the organization and many other hundreds of useless tax sucking government blow job organizations will be defunct.

Not because they want to but rather because there is rapidly going to be no other choice.  When morons outside the USA stop loaning us money for free, the US is going to be in real trouble.

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