Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Texas police kill 6 year old boy in their work to keep us all safe.

The cops are just pathetic sometimes.  When they pull their guns and start blasting away they oftentimes do so regardless of where they are and regardless of the risks involved to people who are completely unconnected to the crime they are supposedly working.  The "clip dump" by cops is common practice.  Multiple moron, steroid pumped cops, all of them ready to kill first and ask questions later, will pull their guns and start firing many shots at a single target when in fact a single shot by one cop would more than do the job.

If you blaze away like that often enough you will eventually kill an innocent bystander and that's just what police in a Podunk Texas town did recently.  One of their stray bullets killed 6 year old Kameron Prescott in late December.  One of the cops then went on video to say there was not one of them who would not trade places with the dead child.  Well that is disingenuous bullshit coming from a careless person who is guilty of manslaughter at the very least.  It's like saying "if I were a billionaire I would feed the poor".  Pure bullshit. 

If society stood up and said, "OK then, which of you brave heroes will give up your life in the name of an eye for an eye", all of them would run away like the pussies they really are.  If they were brave they would have captured their suspect (a woman) without the use of deadly force.  But shooting someone brings with it an all-paid 3-4 week vacation for the shooter.  That's how cops think about it.  Saving lives has no meaning to them when they are thus incentivized to kill.  They should be taking a bullet in order to save a civilian but in fact they are no better than criminals in this regard.  They act like they are in a drive by shooting, spraying the area with hot lead and then faking sorrow when people are angry that a 6 year old boy is killed.

I'll say it again.  Until individuals who are wronged by these actions stand up and take personal revenge upon those who did it nothing is going to change.  But as soon as the people stand up and take justice into their own hands, the cops will get the message that they cannot hide behind their badges and uniforms from the people and they will stop this crazy and reckless bullshit.  As long as we the people allow government employees to hide behind the system we will always be 2nd class citizens.  I have completely given up hope for our justice system because it only provides justice for the rich and well connected.   For Kameron Prescott there will be no justice.  He's just another dead kid at the hands of the police whose life, if you cut away all the rhetoric and bullshit, really didn't matter.

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